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The Full Story

What Makes Me Stand Out? 

  • Ability to assess business realities and objectives, plan efforts accordingly, and mobilize resources to efficiently and effectively achieve success quickly and thoroughly.

  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills, both for internal collaboration purposes, as well as to convincingly persuade and motivate customers.

  • Master at working cross-functionally and partnering across the organization at all levels to continuously improve marketing performance.

  • Aptitude for quickly solving problems and overcoming challenges using smart solutions that seek to turn negatives into positives and shrewdly improve upon the status quo.

  • Prowess for thinking creatively (inside of the box, outside of the box, on top of the box – wherever) to drive digital marketing efforts and move the needle.

  • An inherently competitive spirit with a determined desire to win.

My Core Beliefs

I believe in being an agent for change and a champion for the customer. I look to move forward and bring new customers in while building brand loyalty amongst the customers we already have.  I'm a technology enthusiast. I believe in being as much a business executive as a marketer. I research, evaluate, identify, define, shape, differentiate, and execute. I plan, budget, assemble, measure, adjust, and optimize. The marketplace is a fluid environment, and I believe in being a catalyst for organizational transformation.

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My Tactics 

  • Develop brand strategies

  • Drive the implementation of marketing campaigns that meet business objectives and drive leads

  • Work with market researchers and analysts to gather relevant insights on customers' needs

  • Analyze data trends to create advertising strategies

  • Identify competitors and evaluate their strategies and positioning and devise counter-strategies

  • Create marketing department budgets

  • Direct and support market research collection, analysis, and interpretation of market data for short- and long-term market forecasts and reports

  • Build and manage marketing teams

  • Maintain brand standards and ensure compliance across marketing channels

  • Translating the overall direction of a company into relevant goals

  • Making business data-driven decisions objectively and with intent

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